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Coconut Trees


With as much passion as I have for knowing and understanding God's Word, I have the same amount of passion to help others do the same. In multiple ways I have been able to intrigue the non-believer and throughout various interactive ministries, serve the Body of Christ. 

Image by Alex Perri


Would you consider being a part of helping others grow in their understanding of God's Word?

Coconut Trees


If you want to shadow along, Follow My Blog, or if you like to read, Buy My Book. 

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Palm Tree Leaves


If my ministry can help you and your people, schedule a Steeping Tea, Memorization Workshop, a gallery viewing, or my speaking services. 


Steeping in the Scriptures while sipping on tea together! Teaching women the importance of studying, understanding, and applying God's Word 

"Listening to Tammy quote scripture is both humbling and encouraging. It is the perfect opportunity to just turn off all the distractions of life, and let the Word of God wash over you."

                             KONI BREWER

Steeping Tea

The Word of God is alive and active already, but pairing the Scriptures with creative and artistic photography helps to bring out its wisdom in a more practical way. 

"Watching Tammy recite scripture is not only moving you feel like you are sitting back in Bible times. Her voice is calming, and her delivery is so well done that it makes you want to hide the word of God in your heart."
                       MILLIE WINSTON


Art Gallery


Learn the technique, the science, and even the diet that will wire your brain to be able to absorb God's Word in a way that you will never forget. 

"Tammy has mastered the spiritual discipline of Scripture memorization and uses her gift to sharpen, encourage, and inspire others."

                              TAMMI ADAIR


Communicating God's Word with clarity is paramount. Tammy is a profoundly gifted speaker who has spoken at peace dialogues, churches, conferences, retreats, and small groups. 

Tammy has such a beautiful gift when reading the Bible to our Life Group. The most powerful was her memorization of the book of Philippians; I felt the presence of the Lord in our room.

Mary Kay Hobbs



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